On Sunday, July 16th, 2017, the organizers of the 13th ICMGP invite you to a Mercury Community Outreach & Open House

This is a public information session dedicated to raise awareness, educate, and creating interactive environments among the members of public, students, and experts on mercury. This session will be free and open to the general public and conferees.

Open to the public

We are currently looking for local institutions and organizations to participate and feature a variety of interactive exhibits about mercury in our environment. In previous years, diverse local and international experts have engaged in activities ranging from proper disposal of mercury-added products, analyses of mercury in hair samples, to discussions of mercury sources, exposures, and ecosystem and human health impacts originating from various products and processes. There have also been fun activities for children to help them recognize potential sources of mercury, and hands-on games focused on protecting our environment.

If you manage, or know of, any programs in the mercury community that may be of interest and benefit to the general public, please contact the Conference Secretariat at Mercury2017@agendmanagers.com to discuss the opportunity to participate.

We thank you for your interest and support!