The International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP) is held every two to three years, hosted by different organizing committees and held in different countries. The conference brings together individuals interested in the science and management of mercury as a contaminant across local and global scales. The international mercury treaty, the Minamata Convention, is being ratified and aims to limit use and releases of mercury to the environment. The 12th ICMGP was held in Jeju, South Korea in 2015, which was attended by approximately 778 participants. Plans are currently underway for the 13th ICMGP 2017 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA for July 16-21, 2017. Initial interest suggests this meeting will be attended by 800-1000 participants. ICMGP 2019 will be held in Krakow Poland.

The Scientific Steering Committee of the ICMGP 2017 is now soliciting proposals for the organizing team and location for the ICMGP 2021.

Proposals should be less than 10 pages and include:

An introduction to the conference chair(s) and members the Executive Committee, including positions and a brief description of experience, particularly pertaining to the science and management of mercury, motivation for conference organization, and past experience organizing scientific meetings of approximately the scale of the ICMGP;
A brief description of the city where the conference would be held and its amenities, including hotel accommodations, facilities to accommodate travel of international participants, and options for conference tours;
A brief description of the conference facility, including a floor plan and a description of space available for plenary sessions, regular sessions, workshops, poster and exhibitor space, and reception space;
Plans or opportunities for fundraising to provide supplemental support for student travel and participants from developing countries;
An approximate date;
A brief description of the conference theme and proposed activities; and
Photos of facilities and location are encouraged.

Proposals should be submitted in Microsoft Word format to by July 1, 2017.

Full ICMGP 2021 proposals will be reviewed by the Scientific Steering Committee, and finalists will be asked to give an oral presentation of their proposal during the ICMGP 2017 in Providence. The site of ICMGP 2021 will be selected and announced during the Closing Ceremony of ICMGP 2017 on July 21st.

Questions concerning the proposals and the ICMGP 2021 should be directed to Charles Driscoll at