The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) consists of representatives from universities and government throughout Atlantic Canada and the northeast United States. This committee will oversee regional promotion and media relations for ICMGP2017, and will help to facilitate key local details for the conference ranging from accommodations to exhibitor logistics to day trips and the social program.
Marcella Thompson, Co-Chair
University of Rhode Island & Brown University
Kim Driscoll, Co-Chair
Syracuse University
Amanda Chi Wen Giang
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Amina Schartup
Harvard University
Ann Chalmers
US Geological Survey
Bob Newton
Smith College
Christopher Perkins
University of Conneticut
Diane Nacci
US Environmental Protection Agency
Emily Seelen
University of Conneticut
Eric Pierce
Oakridge National Laboratory
Jamie Shanley
US Geological Survey
Janina Benoit
Wheaton College
Mark Smith
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Michael Bank
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Sae Yun Kwon
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Zofia Baumann
University of Connecticut