The solicitation for session proposals and session moderators for the ICMGP is now closed.

If you have a suggestion for a new session topic that is not covered in the current list, we encourage you—and any colleagues who may fall under the same topic—to submit your abstract and select the “other” category. You may specify your topic in the field below the Primary Session Topic drop down menu. Upon review of all abstracts in February, if the abstract(s) have been accepted, the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) will determine if an additional session is warranted or if the abstract falls under a different topic category. All decisions by the SSC are final.

The overarching theme of ICMGP2017 is "Integrating Research and Policy in a Changing World". Like other ICMGPs, you can look forward to five days of engaging discussions on the important issues related to mercury science and policy with attendees from around the world.

We are developing a program that focuses on four plenary themes that cover global, local, and risk issues, as well as the Minimata Treaty. Questions associated with these four themes are:

  • How is global mercury cycling changing in response to perturbations (e.g., climate change, emissions control)?
  • How is mercury cycling (and bioaccumulation) changing in specific places in response to perturbations (e.g., climate change, remediation, nutrient control, urbanization)?
  • What is the relative risk of mercury exposure to human health and wildlife in the context of other risks/stressors?
  • How can scientific knowledge contribute to the implementation and effectiveness evaluation of the Minamata Convention?

Each theme will have a plenary session featuring a presentation that synthesizes the current findings/thinking related to that theme, with input from stakeholders. Each theme and plenary will also be associated with a group of key sessions that we have identified and are listed on the website. The key sessions that we have identified address the wide array of topics that engage and perplex mercury scientists, regulators, and stakeholders. We encourage individuals to consider chairing these sessions. If there are topics not covered in these pre-identified sessions, we will also accept proposals for other sessions related to the four key themes or other aspects of mercury science and management.

If you and/or a colleague are interested in chairing one of these sessions please email us with your preferred session. Alternatively, if you have a session you would like the ICMGP Executive Committee to consider for inclusion in the program, please send us your name, contact details, proposed session title, and a two to three sentence description of the session.

All details should be sent to by September 9, 2016. Once the session moderators are assigned, you will be contacted by the Executive Committee with further instructions.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact the ICMGP 2017 Conference Secretariat .